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When it comes to vaping tobacco eliquids, many new vapers are surprised at the sheer variety and versatility of the flavour, you’ll find Burley tobacco blends that emphasise earthy notes with a depth of flavour as well as Virginia blends which feature sweet and honey notes for lighter vape. High PG and high VG versions of tobacco flavour are available, meaning they can be used in a range of vape devices from larger sub ohm device to smaller vape starter kits, so you can find one to match your style. While it’s robust and distinctive flavour allows tobacco to be vaped on it’s own, you’ll often find that it’s part of more complex blends - the most famous of which being the RY4 flavour, which is made up of tobacco, caramel and nuts. You’ll also find tobacco paired with menthol which balances it’s rich notes with a smooth and cool aftertaste. While there are many variations on the flavour, as a rule of thumb you’ll find that high wattage vaping will release the dark and rich notes of tobacco; whereas lower wattages have the tendency to create an earthy and savoury taste.